Colloidal Silver 10 ppm 250 ml

80% Ionic colloidal silver and 20% colloidal silver, of exceptional purity 99.99% in liquid form. Raw material.


Store at room temperature in a dark place. Do not place in the refrigerator or near other electrical appliances. Do not come into contact with metal objects e.g. spoonful. Keep out of reach of young children. After opening, it is kept for 6 months.


250 ml colloidal silver solution in a brown glass bottle.


Ingredients: Ultrapure water (purified in 0,1 – 0,4 microsiemens)*. Ultrapure silver of 99,99% purity**.

Silver particle size 2 to 10 nanometers (nm).

* Activated in 15 stages by the method of Peter and Max Gross

** In the form of 80% Ionic Colloidal Silver and 20% Colloidal Silver